Prompt: Explosions

General Dreamwalker was carried to the Commander of the Light’s room, and placed in her bed. He would be out for serveral hours. So with that thought in mind, she watched over the man for a few minutes, after having had her disquieting conversation with Kaiya.

Why was she so adamant that I leave him be? It’s not time yet for him to go… and now, with the report of him and possibly his lover destroying everything within a five mile radius that was a Shadow Warrior. And yet, he had been taken out by a lucky blow. But how?

She shook her head and walked out of the room, to go in search of the warriors that had been close to him to find out what really happened. Passing by the two men that had brought Keiro here, she ordered, “Keep an eye on him, and remember, come and get me if he awakens.”

It didn’t take her long to find the group that were assigned to keeping the General safe. “What happened to Keiro?” She was being blunt, and to the point. She didn’t want any bullshit, and wanted the straight of it. It was obvious in her posture and tone of voice.

One spoke up, though clearly nervously, “Commander, we’re not sure. He screamed once and began clearing a path towards Kaiya. When he reached her, more than a dozen Shadow had reached us, and her. They would’ve taken her away and made her a part of them had he not reached her in time.”

The man speaking was the Captain’s Guard, as it were, for General Dreamwalker’s security team. As he continued to speak, his hands shook, pausing every so often to drink his beer, “He blew away every Shadowspawn with Balefire and other weaves that I don’t recognize. By then he was challenging the Dark One himself to come and personally fight him. He’d… lost himself. I think his wife died.”

Swallowing again, “He also said this… "May the Gods and Goddesses take you all, for I will bring her back to Me, in this life or the next, and damn Fate for it!” and a sniper from outside the moat took him with a shot to the heart.“

That doesn’t match up with what I saw there… not enough… not enough. Why was the moat there? What made him gamble?"That doesn’t explain the explosions reported after he lost control. Tell me about that.”

“He exploded a circle of a moat around us so no further Shadowspawn could get to us… we had too many coming at us. He wanted to cut them off, and ordered us to help him make it and keep them out. The…” He stopped, then shuddered, “The Shadow’s avatar had sent on a vile thing to take them both. He took them on and laughed.”

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